The Top 10 Reasons to Dance at Your Christmas Party!

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It’s that time of year again, so what are you going to do for your Christmas party?  The same thing we do every year Pinky… go for a meal!

What about if this year you just tried something different.  I’m going to tell you the top ten reasons why having a dance class is now one of the best activities to do for your Christmas party and it works perfectly alongside a meal too:

1.       That awkward moment when there’s no one on the dance floor at the party, say goodbye to that!

2.       It’s so much fun, plus you’ll create memorable happy moments for your guests.

3.       The classes are suitable for all, regardless how many left feet people think they have.

4.       With a wide range of dances to choose from including the Salsa, Cha Cha, Jive or Waltz we’ll sure give you something to dance about with your funky new moves!

5.       No venue no problem!  We can help source a venue for the dance class or if you have a party booked already we can teach you in there.

6.       We have a range of affordable packages available with options to upgrade to a fun Strictly style competition or a Latin Dance Show.

7.       A dance class is the ideal activity for getting your guests socialising!

8.       An hour can be a long time for a dance class for some events, that’s why we offer classes starting from 30 minutes in duration.

9.       Sarah Hough, Director and Founder of Sashay Dance will take care of you with lightning response times to enquiries and excellent organisation, prior to this she was an award winning PA and knows exactly how it feels to be the party planner.

10.   Your guests will be raving about your Christmas party for years to come!

Here at Sashay Dance we have a great fun range of party dance classes available for Christmas and any event!  For more information follow this link.







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