Top 10 Tips For Dancing at Your Christmas Party!

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November 30, 2018
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May 29, 2019
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1. “Trust me you can dance!” – Vodka

2. Dance like noone’s watching because they’re not, they are checking their phones.

3. Okay I’m joking let’s move onto some serious ones now. Don’t dance with a glass more than half full, make sure to drink half of it first otherwise it will spill onto yourself and floor making it slippery.

4. If you plan on wearing killer heels take an extra pair of flats in your bag, otherwise you’ll either be bare foot or sat down during peak dancing time.

5. If you really don’t want to dance and people are nagging you to get up, just get it over with and get up for one dance then go sit back down, it’s the taking part that counts and saying no repeatedly will make you even more of a target.

6. Either be on the dance floor or on your phone, not both at once.

7. Give your outfit a good dance test at home or in the changing room, sometimes the nicest of dresses can cause the greatest of wardrobe malfunctions on the dance floor. I got a lovely Charleston style dress recently and the tassels ended up caught on everyone I was near or danced with… #awkward

8. What do I do with my handbag? This is the hardest one, you can either clutch onto it, dance round it, have it uncomfortably swinging from your shoulder, leave it at the table (risky), in the cloakroom if there is one is ideal or with your other half/friends who aren’t dancing.

9. Dancing causes you to metabolise alcohol much quicker causing you to sober up, so make sure you always go back to the bar for another drink.

10. Have fun!

About Sashay Dance

Sashay Dance specialises in fun dance classes for hen parties and ladies parties across the UK.  We have 15 groovy themes to choose from including The Greatest Showman, Dirty Dancing, Spice Girls and more.  All our classes are suitable for all, 2 left feet friendly and most importantly a lot of fun.  To find out more about our classes follow this link.  

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