Line Dance Exercise Classes Leeds

Line Dance Exercise Class

Come and join us for our 60 minutes of fun, friendly, fat blasting, fitness boosting Latin and Ballroom Dancing Classes.
There’s a reason why the celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing melt fat in just a few weeks and you’ll find out why in this class.
This class will be danced in a line (no partner required) with a focus on burning calories, melting fat and feeling great with new slinky moves.
This exercise dance lesson is for everyone to enjoy and is 100% 2 left feet friendly.
The dress code for this class is exercise clothes/clothes you can move in and trainers (dance shoes are ok too).

All classes are taught by fully qualified and experienced dance teacher Sarah Hough


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Here are just a few benefits of joining our line dance fitness classes

  • Lose weight

  • Reduce stress and diminish depression

  • Increase energy

  • Make new friends and expand your social circle

  • Create new neural paths

  • Strengthen bones and boost cardiovascular health

  • Improve flexibility, balance, strength and endurance

  • Reducing your risk of dementia


A Word From Sarah

I’m Sarah Hough, Director and Founder of Sashay Dance and I wouldn’t say I really enjoy attending most exercise classes or the gym for that matter! I have however been a gym member for 12 years and attend classes every week. I’ve always been a dancer and fitness is very important, alongside the joy I get from the leisure facilities too of course!

Last year I thought I’d create my own exercise dance class to get both myself and others feeling great for Christmas.

This was so much fun, everyone left with a smile on their face and we’d burned thousands of calories between us. I’ve been running one off Sashay Line classes since then and they’ve gone very well.

Both myself and people attending the class can’t wait for the next one, which is why I thought this is just too much fun and has way too many health benefits not to do weekly!

The group is so fantastic and friendly, we look forward to welcoming you!

Call us today because we can’t wait to give you a something to dance about!

Gallery Of Some Of Our Regular Line Dance Classes

Line Dance Exercise Class FAQS

What shall I wear for the class?
Please come in clothes that you’d usually wear to exercise in and trainers. If you are a dancer and have dance shoes these are ok too.
Can I come to the class by myself?
Yes of course, 90% of people who come to my dance classes come by themselves. Dancing is a great way to expand your social circle and we all become friends at the end!
Can I bring a friend/friends?
Yes of course, the more the merrier, for large groups attending I would always recommend contacting me beforehand via the links below.
How do I pay for class?
Please arrive 5-10 minutes before (to avoid wasting any precious calorie burning time) and you can pay cash for the class with the friendly Sashay Dance Teacher.
Do I need to book?
No our classes are all drop in whenever you feel like a groove and to burn calories! If you’d prefer you can always click ‘going’ on our Facebook event page
Do I need to bring anything with me?
Often there’s a water cooler in the room, however I always recommend bringing water just in case.
I’m nervous about coming to class for the first time
It’s completely normal when trying anything new for the first time. I can guarantee that you’ll have so much fun and wonder what all the worrying was about! If I can help answer any more questions in advance please contact me via the links on this page.
I have done no dancing before and I’m not very fit does that matter?
Most people who come to our exercise class haven’t danced before and we have a real diverse group. Unlike Zumba we break down the moves 1 minute before each song so that nobody is left behind. There’s options on the high impact songs to take it at your own pace. If you need to rest at any point that’s completely fine too.
Where exactly is The Carriageworks?
It’s on Millennium Square in Leeds Centre, enter the Carriageworks via the Electric Press Building. It’s very easy to find and is a beautiful venue!