Sashay Virtual Team Treat Wellness Dance Classes

Reward your team with a fun personalised wellness dance class video to bring some happiness during these challenging times.

  • Fun, suitable for all and 2 left feet friendly

  • Give your team a treat

  • Great activity for wellbeing during these challenging times

  • Personalised video dance class for your team!



Virtual Dance Class


Personalised video dance class for your team - video length will be 45 minutes in duration and individuals are encouraged to go back and repeat parts if needed, this is something we would do in a physical class 

Perfect treat for your team to boost wellness during these challenging times


Price: Introductory offer of £75 including VAT


How it Works

  • We will send you a private link to your dance class which individuals from your team can do at any time.  
  • You will all have unlimited access to the video, therefore people can go back and practice the routine as many times as they'd like
  • If you did want to do the routine altogether you could use an app of your choice so you can see each other dancing, it's always best to do a quick practice run of your preferred technology beforehand to ensure everyone is up to speed with it on the day.
  • As we can't come and risk assess each of your houses/offices or see you dancing at the time, our insurance does not cover any accidents incurred during the class, we will provide some top tips in advance though to ensure that you're all dancing as safely as possible.


Enquire today because we can’t wait to give your team something to dance about!

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