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New and improved cancellation policy


We have now created a new cancellation policy to help both customers booked in already and for those keen to book their future hen and party celebrations. 

Here’s a little customer journey to help:

  1. You pick a date and time and we book in your fun themed hen party dance class. To book it’s a £50 deposit with the remaining balance due 1 month before up to which point numbers can be amended.   

What if we cancel now?

It does take us quite a bit of admin time organising your special day, plus we hire venues all across the UK, each of which have their own separate cancellation policy.  The deposit is therefore non-refundable, however if the party dance class does get cancelled due to corona virus related reasons we can provide a credit note for the deposit amount which can be used towards any of our hen or party dance classes anywhere in the UK within an 18 month period.

  1. The remaining balance for the hen party is due 1 month before up to which point numbers can be amended. We will check your final numbers and send across an invoice for the remaining balance.

What if we cancel now?

Our cancellation policy used to be at least 1 month before otherwise non-refundable.  We have now updated this to if cancelled for corona related reasons less than 1 month before we can provide a credit note for party dance class cost.  The credit note can be used towards any of our hen or party dance classes anywhere across the UK within an 18 month period.     

We hope this helps during these strange times.  As they say ‘the show must go on!’ where ever possible and we hope that even if worst case scenario it does disrupt the plans, that we can still give you something fun to look forward to at a later date.

I'd also personally like to ask everyone to please continue to support our business during these difficult times, whether it be by liking/sharing a post on social media, putting down a deposit for a future class or just paying remaining balance invoices on time.  Our cancellation policy has been improved in a way that we will survive this, whilst trying our best to give as much back to our customers as possible should the plans get disrupted.  

In the meantime keeeeeeeeep dancing and we look forward to giving you something to dance about soon!

Thank you 

Sarah Hough
Director and Founder of Sashay Dance 

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