Fun things to put in a Hen Party Goody Bag!

Fun things to put in a Hen Party Goody Bag!

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May 12, 2023
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July 24, 2023
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This was definitely the greatest show at our fun hen party dance class.

A hen party goody bag is a fantastic idea because it adds an element of excitement and fun to the celebration. It serves as a keepsake for the guests, creating lasting memories of the event. Here are ten fun things to consider adding to a hen party goody bag:

  1. Personalised Accessories
    Include personalised items like badges, sashes, or wristbands with the bride’s name and the date of the party. This adds a special touch and helps everyone feel connected.
  2. Hen Party Games
    Add some small games that can be played during the event. Examples include truth or dare cards, “pin the kiss on the groom,” or dare dice.
  3. Mini Champagne Bottles
    Celebrate the occasion with mini champagne bottles or sparkling wine, complete with personalised labels.
  4. Hen Party Props
    Include fun props like feather boas, tiaras, or novelty glasses that guests can wear during the party, making for great photo opportunities.  If you’re doing a fun themed hen party dance class with us at Sashay Dance, why not pick props to go with the theme ie for disney some disney headbands or we just love these flashing engagement rings!
  5. Beauty and Pampering Items
    Add mini beauty products such as face masks, nail polish, lip balm, or compact mirrors for guests to indulge in some pampering.
  6. Customised Tote Bags
    Provide each guest with a customized tote bag that can be used during the party and afterward. You can include the bride’s name or a fun slogan related to the event.
  7. Hangover Kit
    Help your guests recover from a night of celebration with hangover essentials like pain relievers, eye masks, energy bars, and vitamin C packets.
  8. Personalised Shot Glasses
    Include personalised shot glasses that guests can take home as a keepsake. These can be engraved with the bride’s name or initials.
  9. Sweet Treats
    Add some delicious treats such as personalised chocolates, candies, or cookies to satisfy your guests’ sweet cravings.
  10. Hen Party Itinerary
    Create a printed itinerary of the party, including all the planned activities, timings, and locations. This helps keep everyone informed and excited about what’s to come.

Remember, you can customise the goody bag items based on the theme of the party, the bride’s preferences, and the overall atmosphere you want to create. Have fun and make sure to make it a memorable experience for everyone involved!

About Sashay Dance

Sashay Dance specialises in fun themed hen party dance classes across the UK.  We have 20 groovy themes to choose from including Spice Girls, Dirty Dancing, Line Dancing and Disney!  All our classes are suitable for all, 2 left feet friendly and a lot of fun.  Our mission is to deliver fun across the nation and create happy dancing memories to last a lifetime.


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