Top Tips to Improve Your Dad Dancing! Don't forget Father's Day 16th June

Top Tips to Improve Your Dad Dancing! Don’t forget Father’s Day 16th June

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Top tips to resolve your Dad dancing problems

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June so I thought it would be nice to give all the Dads a present from us at Sashay Dance.

Here’s our top 5 tips to improve your Dad Dancing:

1. Don’t panic

Listen to the music a few seconds first which will help set the pace for your dancing. If it’s very quick music you’re best to do smaller steps and with slower music there’s time to do slightly bigger steps.

2. Keep it simple

To avoid the embarrassing Dad Dance sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple, side tapping and changing direction every now and then, whilst remembering to smile and have fun.

3. Drop the pint

On a table at the side of the dance floor please, it will be a lot easier to dance without it and pints can easily be spilled.

4. Spacial awareness

If there’s not as much room do smaller steps and avoiding flamboyant arm movements will help to prevent any bumps.

5. Don’t jump on the bandwagon

Some Dads purposely Dad Dance because they feel that it’s something they should do.

If all else fails….. just dance like noone’s watching, because they’re not they are checking their phones, we love the Dad Dancing really :). Wishing all the Dads a fabulous Father’s Day, I’ve written this blog post based on inspiration from my own Dad, thanks Dad.

About Sashay Dance

We specialise in fun dance classes for hen parties and ladies parties across the UK. We have 17 groovy themes to choose from including Spice Girls, The Greatest Showman, Dirty Dancing and you can even personalise your own. All our classes are suitable for all, 2 left feet friendly and a lot of fun.

Our mission: To deliver fun across the nation and create happy dancing memories to last a lifetime.

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