How to organise a Hen Party without the Hen Do Headache

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We organise a lot of Hen Parties at Sashay Dance and I’ve had my fair share of being Maid of Honour.  Organising a Hen Party is usually a headache, however if you follow my top tips you’re going to prevent reaching for the Ibuprofen until at least the morning after the Hen Weekend:

  1. Set a date well in advance

Speak to the bride to be and find out the people she 100% wants to be there.  Find a date between that small group and everyone else can take it or leave it.  There will always be people that can’t attend the hen do.

  1. Activities

Speak to the Hen about what she might like to do, budget pp and where she’d like to go/sort from there.  Do not involve anyone else as this will cause chaos.  Decide what to do based on what the Hen has said, she’s put you as maid of honour for a reason!  Also ask if she’d like a complete surprise or whether she’d like to know what she’s doing.  We have some great Hen Party Dance Classes available through the UK.

  1. Invitations

Get a list of people the Hen would like to invite and create a nice invite to them.  A Facebook Group is a good option, the Hen could even give printed copies to those not on Facebook.  Canva is a great online free tool to make beautiful looking invites and can be uploaded as a picture to Facebook or printed off to give to people.

  1. Record keeping

People will RSVP to you via all sorts of means, text, phone, messenger and email etc.  It’s very important to keep a record of who’s coming and also when payment is due you can mark it off too.

  1. Payment

Stick to the payment deadline, inform people in advance the deadline and chase 1 month before, 1 week before and on the day.  There may be the odd 1 that hasn’t paid at the deadline but this is a lot easier than the whole group having not paid.

  1. Payment again!

Include everything in the cost, asking for payment for bit and bats ie payment for the cocktail masterclass one week, hotel the next week will 100% cause a headache!

  1. Payment again!

There will always be drop outs and there’s 2 ways round this.  You can either charge say £5-10 extra a person so you have a reserve fund for drop outs if anything goes wrong as it’s very difficult once you have a dropout/non-payer to then go around the group asking for more money.  Don’t communicate that you are doing this extra charge with the Hens (can mention to the bride to be) otherwise this will guarantee more cancellations.  If no one drops out use the extra money for drinks on the night/gift for the bride or hen party gift bags.

  1. Payment again!

Get all the payment sorted with venues etc at least 1 month in advance.

  1. Don’t fall out with anyone during the process of organising the Hen Do….

It’s easily done when people are messing you around.  Just remain calm and plan as above for those unforeseen circumstances.  Remember most people’s intentions are good they are not purposely trying to make your life difficult organising the Hen Weekend, although it may feel like it!

  1. Have fun and enjoy it!

It does take a lot of work to organise a Hen Do but seeing everyone altogether on the day and seeing how happy everyone is makes it very worthwhile.  They’ll be lots of fun memories so why not create a What’s App group to share the photos/videos after.

Thank you for reading my top Hen Party Organising Tips and I really wish you the best Hen Do ever!

Director of Sashay Dance

Sashay Dance specialises in fun dance classes for Hen Parties across the UK.  We have 15 groovy themes to choose from including Beyonce, Dirty Dancing, Salsa, 80s, 90s, Charleston, Grease, Thriller and many more.  All our classes are suitable for all, 2 left feet friendly and most importantly a lot of fun!  The bride to be also goes free on our Dance Package, for more information about our fun Hen Party Dance Classes in the UK follow this link.

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