First Dance Lessons – Top Tips from Rock Our Wedding and Sashay Dance

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We love dancing and recently met with Rock Our Wedding where we shared our top tips for your First Dance!

  1. Your audience – where are they going to be sitting or standing? You want to choreograph your dance so that you’re facing the audience and they can see you. If the guests are all around the room then you can use the space to travel round and do a little twirl so that everyone can see you at some point during the dance.
  2. Size of the dance floor – You need to know how big your dance floor is and what you’ve got to work with, which way will you be facing and where people are going to be sat.  When you practice your first dance you can map out the area.
  3. Keep it simple – the most simple of dances can be just as effective as extravagant numbers, plus wedding dresses aren’t the easiest of ensembles to dance in.  
  4. Who’s going to press play? Sounds like a silly question but if you have a fancy starting position you don’t want to be running to press play. Or if you have a band how will they know you’re ready to start, you need to tell them. Don’t forget if you do have a band they can slow the tempos down, a great tip if your going for a Viennese Waltz!
  5. Song and dance choice – Please listen to the lyrics of your song and make sure they are appropriate for your first dance. Think about the pace of the music and what style of dance would go, you wouldn’t do a Jive to an Ed Sheeran slow number for example.
  6. Outfit and footwear – You must choreograph or get your teachers to help you with a routine that you can do based on what you are wearing.  A practice in your outfits is encouraged, ladies obviously without the groom seeing. You could get a pair of ballerina pumps to change into for your first dance, as not everyone can dance in heels or practice in your wedding shoes beforehand.
  7. The show much go on – forget any flaws in your first dance, no one will notice, just smile, carry on and enjoy.  
  8. Bring on the guests, or not…! Some couples like to get all the guests on the floor halfway through their first dance, but you don’t have to. You could always dance a full track to one song, even edit the song to make it slightly shorter or have a separate song for everyone to get up to after your song. The important thing is to make it clear when you want your guests to join the dance floor. How about the bride and groom parting and selecting one of the guests each whilst signalling for everyone else to join in. Guests are not mind readers and do need some guidance on when to join in, you can even ask a few guests in advance to help with this too.
  9. HAVE FUN – A first dance is meant to be enjoyed and we are massive advocates of making sure dance is fun. It’s about you both taking your first steps of marriage together and dancing together for life. 

A first dance isn’t something to be worried about, it’s something to get excited about and it can be so much fun! Use this as an opportunity to let your hair down before the wedding, learn something new with your partner and have fun with your first dance.

Rock Our Wedding

Rock Our Wedding creates bespoke wedding dances that wow your guests and get your wedding party started. Their team of award winning instructors teach fun and informal lessons. This will fill you with confidence and create a truly unique wedding dance to impress your guests and create amazing memories for you both to share. Their team are based in Leeds, Harrogate and York, plus they have partners working with them in many more areas of the UK. For more information visit www.facebook.com/rockourwedding or follow them on Instagram for some inspiration @rockourwedding.

Sashay Dance

Sashay Dance specialises in fun themed dance classes available for hen parties, celebrations and corporate events across the UK. They have 15 groovy themes to choose from including Dirty Dancing, Spice Girls and Charleston! All of their classes are suitable for all, 2 left feet friendly and most importantly a lot of fun. For more information visit www.sashaydance.co.uk.

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