The Best Hen Party Games for Your Hen Weekend!

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November 17, 2019
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January 15, 2020
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We’ve made a shortlist of our favourite hen party games, great ideas for your weekend:

Prosecco Pong

Like beer pong but so much better as you get to drink Prosecco, probably one of the only games you don’t want to win at!

Pass The Parcel

With a hen party twist of course, why not fill up the parcel with funny photos or novelty wedding items.

Toilet Paper Dress

Split the hen do into teams and battle it out to create the best dress for the bride out of toilet paper.

True or False

Gather some funny/interesting facts about the bride to be from members of the hen party and throw in some wildcards, create a quiz to guess what’s true and what’s false.

Wine Tasting

Each of the hens brings a bottle of wine to the table, each wine is tested by all the hens and scored.  Everyone must have a glass for this one, you should keep the buyers’ names anonymous and it’s best to set a price range in advance.  The winning wine is then picked!  You could even pick a theme – ie wines that are wedding related (it might be a wedding related picture on the bottle or even the word ‘love’ in the wine name). 

Cocktail Making Competition

Battle it out to make the best cocktail. Either bring your own secret ingredients individually. Or chip in altogether to get an assortment of spirits and garnish, for you to create your own perfect cocktail. A great choice for a hen weekend away in your own accommodation or at home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top hen party games and wish you all a fantastic time at your hen parties.

Sashay Dance

Sashay Dance specialises in fun hen party dance classes across the UK. All our classes are 2 left feet friendly, suitable for all and a lot of fun. We have 15 groovy themes to choose from including The Greatest Showman, Strictly Come Dancing and Spice Girls. Our mission is to deliver fun across the nation and create happy dancing memories to last a lifetime.

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