Top 5 things to consider in a lead up to a wedding!

Fun Hen Party Salsa Dance Class
Why a Sashay Hen Party Dance Class is a Great Idea and Activity for your Hen Do Weekend!
January 15, 2020
Fun Hen Party Salsa Dance Class
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March 28, 2020
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We spoke with Matt and Gemma, owners of the beautiful River Mills Ballroom in Yorkshire.  They shared with us their top 5 tips on things to consider in a lead up to a wedding:
  1. Decide what you want as individuals and as a couple, if compromise is needed that’s ok. Putting each other first and finding what fits for you both is a must. You wouldn’t buy your wedding outfit without a fitting, so talk over your ideas and see what feels like a good fit. Having compassion and consideration for your guests, family and friends may become a popular conversation however having compassion for yourselves is equally, if not more important in the lead up to your wedding day.
  2. Stylist, planner or venue coordinator? Its ok to ask for help, in fact it is highly recommended to plan a wedding (after just the two of you have talked of course) with the help of a professional, someone who has done it before, someone who isn’t invested emotionally and knows they have to get it right for you because you are paying them to. And don’t panic if you think you can’t afford it! There are affordable solutions out there.  It is a myth that all DIY weddings are cheaper. Always ask, what’s the worst that can happen!?
  3. Talking about money……DO set a budget, then make lists (see point 4, lists are crucial!) Talking about money isn’t crass when it comes to weddings, things cost money, so it’s got to be said. Suppliers and venues may ask what is your budget, you don’t have to tell them your overall budget but if you have prioritised certain facets of your wedding it will be easier to give an answer based on what part of the budget is set aside for each bit. (Again, see point 4!)
  4. You may not currently use lists in your day to day life. You may not like or care to be titled “organised!” But in your own way, having your thoughts, ideas’ and choices displayed on a mood board, a spider map or a traditional good old list! Will seriously help! Ideas of what to organise: What you WANT, what you REALLY really want and what you NEED…….if you are not sure you want or need it, there can be a list for that too. Then you can order the lists into priorities, favourite to least favourite, whatever takes your fancy. Because at some point someone is going to ask you a question re a budget or what you want, so your organisation will help answer this.
  5. Never forget why! It is so easy to let the tiniest thing cloud your love. It could be a supplier you have hired or a wedding day guest, a snappy photographer (No pun intended!) or the weather!  Remember always it is about you, your day, your way. If the people you have hired to be part of your day and those that run the wedding venue you picked don’t share the same mantra, stay well clear. When you know, you know, that’s why you said yes to the proposal of marriage. So take the same attitude towards everything that goes into planning your special day.

About River Mills

River Mills Ballroom boasts over 5000 square feet and is the perfect ‘clean slate’ venue for anyone looking for a place to transform to suit their plans.  The building has a beautiful blend of ballroom glitz mixed with industrial features making this location a truly one of a kind venue.

About Sashay Dance

Sashay Dance specialise in fun themed dance classes for hen parties and celebrations across the UK.  Our classes are 2 left feet friendly, suitable for all and most importantly a lot of fun.  With 17 groovy themes to choose from including Spice Girls, Dirty Dancing and The Greatest Showman we are sure to give you something to dance about.

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