What is a Sten and Hag party? Plus why dancing is the perfect activity for one!

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July 19, 2019
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August 4, 2019
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A number of stag and hen parties have decided to team up with a joint sten or hag do (both mean the same thing). So the stag and hen party altogether on one big celebration, it’s also very popular with the LGBT community too. Here’s our top 5 reasons of why we think these are a fab idea:

• A lot of couples have the same set of friends and this makes it possible for everyone to celebrate together

• It can be cheaper, as there’s just 1 celebration instead of 2

• It’s on the same date so there’s no complications with too many plans before the wedding

• The couple don’t need to worry as much about what’s going to happen on each other’s hen or stag party!

• It’s a brilliant way to bring everyone together before the wedding. Our fun sten and hag party dance classes available across the UK are the ideal activity for this and you could even perform the routine at the wedding! This would be a complete surprise for the wedding guests and provides some excellent free entertainment. We have 14 groovy themes to choose from or you can even personalise your own, our top themes for a sten/hag do would be the Salsa, Strictly Come Dancing or Hip Hop. For more information check out our sten and hag party page.

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