Sashay Dance and LND Events - Top Tips to Organise Your Wedding

Trade Secrets on Organising Your Wedding

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Top tips for planning on your wedding

We met with Ellen from LND Events who replaces the ‘how?’ with ‘wow’ when it comes to organising the most gorgeous weddings.  Here are her top 5 trade secrets for organising a wedding:

  • Don’t commit to a venue before checking the registrars are free.  If you’re not having a church wedding then make sure your venue will hold your preferred date with no money exchange, that way you’ll have time to ensure your registrars are free.  They get extremely booked up with lunch time weddings being the most popular times to go.  You don’t want to lose half a day by being left with a 3pm slot!
  • Remember it’s about you.  Many people try and please relatives or what to do to ‘crowd please’ but people will attend your wedding because they love you and want to see you happy.  So just pick the food, music and decorations you want and not what you think they want to see. 
  • Make sure your venue has a wet weather plan.  Ahh the Great British weather…. there isn’t a safe season, month or day in this country.  As nice as it would be to party alfresco, do think of a contingency you’d be happy with so it doesn’t come as a harsh disappointment if the heavens open on the day.
  • Theme is not a dirty word.  It doesn’t have to be cheesy and the venue doesn’t have to be head to toe in one look.  If you’ve travelled the world together, partied at all the different festivals or have a love of a particular colour, then use those to your advantage when thinking about how you’d like things to look.
  • Hire a planner!  As planner I would say this but you may be surprised about all the different packages they can offer, so by no means does it stop you from having any input into your own day.  You can do as much or as little as you like but it’s never a good idea to work on your own day at the least.  For more information visit our website by following this link.

From all of us at Sashay Dance and LND Events we hope these top tips have helped and wish you the most amazing wedding day.

About LND Events

LND Events replace the ‘how?’ with ‘wow’ when it comes to organising the most gorgeous weddings across the UK.  It’s not just weddings they do either, they can help organise any event too, including hen parties!

Sashay Dance

Specialise in fun hen party dance classes across the UK.  With 17 groovy themes to choose from including the Greatest Showman, Spice Girls and Dirty Dancing.  Their mission is to deliver fun across the nation and create happy dancing memories to last a lifetime.

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