The 'Movers and Shakers' at the Sashay Dance event as part of Leeds Business Week

The ‘Movers and Shakers’ at the Sashay Dance event as part of Leeds Business Week

Event Birthday Dance Class Leeds
Sashay Dance 1st Birthday Party!
August 11, 2017
A dance class for The Haven breast cancer charity
The Pink Flashdance for The Haven! Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 29, 2017
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A fun corporate dance class event for Leeds Business Week

Networkers at Leeds Business Week were taken out of their comfort zone right from day 1 on Monday 9th October 2017 where they did a Cha Cha Dance Class with Sarah Hough, Director of Sashay Dance.  They really did demonstrate that they were the ‘Movers and Shakers’ of the city!

The event finished with a mini dance competition where networkers were split into two teams and they had to come up with a routine based on the funky Cha Cha moves they’d been taught.  Here at Sashay Dance we can teach anyone to dance in an hour, the class started off resembling a dance version of bumper cars and blossomed into a beautiful performance!

It was so much fun and networkers commented how great they felt, dancing really does make everyone feel great.  All our classes are 2 left feet friendly, suitable for everyone and no partner required.

Keeeeeeep dancing everyone!

Why not check out our fun Team Building Dance Classes where we can really give your colleagues something to dance about!

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