April 3, 2021

It’s not too late to celebrate!

What a year it’s been and who’d have thought that it would have become illegal to celebrate birthdays, hen parties, weddings and special occasions in the normal way over the last year!  There’s very good news on the horizon following the announcement of the government roadmap and certainly in this country it looks like we will be able to have lots more fun this Summer. There’s also all the missed special occasions too, a year of missed big birthdays, postponed weddings, team events and a country ready for some fun, making the most out of life after these testing times.  […]
August 4, 2019

Why dancing is a great idea for your team! Corporate, Wellbeing and Team Building

Corporate events, wellbeing and team building activities are becoming a bit same old and we want to ‘shake’ things up a bit, here’s the top 5 reasons why a fun dance class is now one of the top ideas to give your team something to dance about: 1. It’s so much fun and a real feel good activity! 2. Dancing is one of the best activities for wellbeing, reducing stress/anxiety and making you more in the present moment. There are also some fantastic social benefits. 3. You will all learn something new. The dance classes are suitable for all regardless […]

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